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A Play-by-Post Role Playing Game: The Battle of the Forces

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  • A Play-by-Post Role Playing Game: The Battle of the Forces

    I am currently working on a play-by-post Charmed role playing game for this new community called The Battle of the Forces. It's still relatively early in the development but I can already give away a couple of facts:
    • The role playing game ("RPG") will be set in the Charmed universe.
    • If you want to join the RPG, you have to decide which side you'll be a part of - Good or Evil? Depending on your choice, you will have access to the side's headquarters.
    • You can choose among four different races which will be side-specific. The different races have distinct magical powers.
    • The core of the RPG is interacting with other members via post. The character you play will live their life in the headquarters and fight against the other side on neutral turf.
    • Your character begins on Level 0 which means that he / she doesn't have any powers. The more you interact with other characters and fight against the other side, the faster you will be leveled up. When you reach a higher level, your powers will grow in a specific way.
    Right now I'm looking for assistance in the development and management of this RPG. If you are interested in helping you should ...
    1. be creative.
    2. know the Charmed universe and its rules.
    3. be willing to take responsibility for a longer time.
    4. ideally have experience with play-by-post role playing games or understand the concept.
    5. have fun working as a team.
    If you are interested, send a PM or post here. Questions are always welcome.

    I'll keep you posted how the development precedes.

    - P