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Charmed Role-Playing Game Is Still in Development

April 13, 2018
The Charmed RPG is gearing up for a release. A couple of kinks are being solved these days, so we can open up the game very soon.
We are still looking for two or three people who are interested in leading and working on the RPG. If you are interested, register and send a PM (Private Message) to Prescott.
The RPG rules are finally finished. If you like to get a head start, go check them out here. Let us know what you think.

More information are coming soon ...

Some Updates

April 7, 2018
The Charmed pilot production is wrapping up soon. Once they're finished conjuring up the Power of Three: we wait - for about two months. In mid-May we'll see if Charmed is actually coming back to us. The CW May Upfront Presentation (last year held on May 18th) will determine the fate of the show.

Two more guest / recurring stars were revealed: Shannon Chan-Kent will play Angela Wu and Cecilia Deacon will be Viv. Who are those two? Friends of Maggie or Mel? Co-workers of Macy? Hopefully we will learn more about them soon. They've been added to Recurring & Guest Characters.

The Charmed play-by-post RPG is basically finished. Unfortunately, I can't launch it because there are not enough registered members on the board. The release is postponed until there are more fans signed up. Plus I need interested people who would like to support, co-lead the RPG and contribute their ideas and creativity.

Who's Brian

March 26, 2018
Charlie Gillespie will be Maggie's (ex-)boyfriend. We didn't know anything else about him just that he's kind of sensitive and likes to be alone. Now Gillespie's posted a tiny little video of him getting ready to get his face 3D-scanned. It seems like he's somehow involved in magic. Is he a demon? A warlock maybe? Does he get hurt or transformed into something else?

A Play-By-Post Charmed Role-Playing Game

March 27, 2018
I am currently working on a play-by-post Charmed role playing game for this new community called The Battle of the Forces. It's still relatively early in the development but I can already give away a couple of facts:

- The role playing game ("RPG") will be set in the Charmed universe.
- If you want to join the RPG, you have to decide which side you'll be a part of - Good or Evil? Depending on your choice, you can choose among four different races with specific powers.
- The core of the RPG is interacting with other members via post. The character you play will live their life in the headquarters and fight against the other side on neutral turf.
- Your character begins on Level 0 which means that he / she doesn't have any powers. The more you interact with other characters and fight against the other side, the faster you will be leveled up. When you reach a higher level, your powers will grow in a specific way.

New information on the sisters' powers

March 24, 2018
Watch out! Unofficial spoilers ahead. There is information on the individual magical powers of the three sisters (and their mother). Marisol, mother of Macy, Mel and "Maggy" (Margarita), had two or three powers (telekinesis, telepathy or time freezing) before she died. We will probably see her death in the pilot. Maggy's telepathy will be triggered through touch (just as Phoebe's preminitions). Mel's freezing power and Macy's telekinesis will work somehow differently than Piper's and Prue's respectively. That is, Macy won't be channeling her telekinetic powers through her hands.

The sisters' home

March 24, 2018
Charmed is now in production. They started shooting the new show (well, the pilot) on March 19 in New Westminster and it seems like they've found a home for the Power of Three and the Book of Shadows. The Victorian manor - which was also used as the exterior on "Witches of East End" - is situated on Queens Avenue and certainly has an eerie vibe in the dark. It remains to be seen if they will keep the house when the show is picked up by The CW.

New information about the show's premise

March 14, 2018
Knowledge gained by murderous means, is wisdom's bitter enemy.
We gain more knowledge about the upcoming reboot as production ramps up. Charmed (or at least the pilot) is slowly taking shape.
Beware: spoilers ahead! The series' premise is set out by the death of the sister's mother. Especially Mel is devastated and becomes violent and angry which results in her breaking up with Niko, her girlfriend. Margarita's disposition is a little bit different. She's a typical (late) millennial in a way because she's all about her social identity as a freshman and part of a sorority. This clashes wonderfully with her ability to hear people's thoughts. Margarita has a wry sense of humour which lightens up the pilot episode. Macy has a Ph.D. in quantum physics and is a kind of "science nerd". As she has the supernatural ability of telekinesis, her identity as a scientist crumbles heavily. She moves to Hilltowne with her boyfriend Galvin. Harry, who's the sister's very ambiguous whitelighter is described as being humorous and eccentric at times. Many key elements of the original Charmed will be part of the rebooted version as well. We have the Power of Three and thus the sisters being the most powerful witches in the world. Furthermore there's the Book of Shadows and the mission to save innocents from evil entities. The bad news for fans of the original show is: no word on the Halliwell sisters in the pilot. That doesn't necessarily mean that they won't (maybe) show up later but at this point - nada.

Over all the show is a lot darker and gloomier than its predecessor - tone-wise it's closer to Buffy or American Horror Story. The "monster-of-the-week" rhythm will be part of the show's main structure with the sister's love life stories having a bigger multi-episode arch.

One sister's name changes entirely?

March 13, 2018
Apparently there's been a change of name for a major character. Ser'Darius Blain posted a video showing the pilot's cast. It says Mel Vera, Macy, Margarita, Harry, Niko, Galvin and Brian. It seems like Madison becomes Margarita (and Mel gets a second name). As this is only the pilot, the names can change anytime.
I guess we have to be flexible! (Sarah's character's name will be updated here soon)