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Charmed, I'm sure! - Who's who?

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  • Charmed, I'm sure! - Who's who?

    Introductions - Who's who?
    I call upon Ancient Powers,
    to unmask us now and in future hours.
    Show us well and thoroughly,
    reveal ourselves so the world can see.

    Let's get to know each other a little bit better in this thread. Here you can say "Hi" and tell something about yourself, ask other members questions and generally get started on the Charmed Again message board ...

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    Hello Guys !

    My name is Flo and I'm French. I live in Paris and I'm a ( English and French literature) teacher in a very difficult suburb near Paris. 👨*🏫 I'm also a geek and I love TV Shows. I love Buffy the V.S. and of course Charmed. I don't know yet what to think about the reboot so I wait and see...
    I like witches on TV ( Witches of EastEnd/ Witches of Eastwick/ Bewitched/ The secret circle etc... ) and I love Sci-fi ( Doctor Who/Stargate/ Star Trek Franchise).
    I started to watch charmed when I was 7 and this show helped me in so many ways... Even today after a very difficult day of work I watch one episode if I have time :)
    I decided to be part of this forum because Prescott did a amazing design job ;)


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      Hey Flo!

      thank you for signing up. It's great to have you here! I feel like we have similar interests and a similar background - so it's extra nice to meet you.

      I'm a teacher as well (German and English), I'm quite interested in literature, expressing myself through some sort of art (mainly acting) and of course watching TV shows. Obviously Charmed - which I've loved for about 17 years - but also other stuff: Buffy, Alias, The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, Handmaid's Tale, The Good Wife, Stranger Things and The Americans ... Strangely enough, Charmed (with all its flaws and continuity issues) still is very near to my heart and I enjoy watching the whole series about once a year.

      Personally I am very excited about the reboot, as the premise sounds very promising. Of course we'll have to wait and see how it actually works, but so far - I'm in.

      I'm glad you like the design, Flo! Thank you!


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        Hey I'm Nathan.
        I'm from the UK. Love shows like Charmed, Buffy, Angel, American Horror Story etc.
        Can't wait for the new show to start.


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          Hey, Nathan! Good to have you here!
          Me too. The trailer looks promising, I think.


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            Hello. My name is Daphne. I honestly watched the new Charmed prepared to dislike it. I thought I was going to have some PointNLaugh material but color me surprised that I actually ended up loving the series! They all made me a believer. I really hope this show goes on for awhile. Maggie is my favorite new Charmed one but I like them all.

            I am so glad I found this site. Many are so down on the new Charmed and that makes me sad as a new, major fan! Plus it's just a beautiful layout :)


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              Hey Daphne! I'm so happy that some people are actually as excited about the reboot as I am. I'm really into it, too. And yes, you're absolutely right ... the Charmed reboot isn't exactly popular on social media. My instagram account seems like a gathering area for haters.

              Glad you like the layout, thanks!